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With over 30 years of experience, Journeysmiths is a boutique, family-owned tour operator driven by a passion for helping to protect and empower the often-vulnerable natural environments and local communities in which they work. The team handcrafts only the finest bespoke vacations for a dedicated ultra-high-net-worth clientele to the world’s wild places and works with ground partners or Positive Impact Partners, who share their values. Journeysmiths’ passion for the natural world propels their commitment to maximizing positive impacts in every area of the business. Each year the company donates a minimum of 5% net profit to its global network of Positive Impact Partners.

Insider Tips:

  • Each year Journeysmiths donate substantial sums to charity, notably Send a Cow who carry out amazing work training African families to be successful, self-sufficient small farmers. The team is proud to be in dynamic partnership with people worldwide who are committed to conserving our amazing planet and its wildlife.
  • Journeysmiths works one-on-one with each client or their travel professional to handcraft one of a kind, tailored itineraries.
  • In addition to our expert destination knowledge, we also ensure you and your clients are safe. We maintain accurate information on our suppliers, ensuring that all services meet local health and safety standards and that they maintain effective emergency procedures and adequate liability insurance. You and your clients’ data is also protected under the UK’s General Data Protection Regulations.
  • 24/7 client support! The longevity of Journeysmiths has allowed them to nurture relationships with the very best partners in Africa, ensuring that when your clients travel, they will be expertly supported throughout their journey.

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September 4, 2023


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