Cape of Senses

Lake Garda

Cape of Senses

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy
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Located in idyllic Lake Garda, one of the most celebrated areas in Italy, the recently opened Cape of Senses is a family-owned and operated luxury wellness hideaway that caters to the senses.

Designed in complete harmony with the beauty of its surroundings, Cape of Senses seamlessly blends elements from nature throughout. Spacious suites are bathed in warm light and designed in soft colors, creating an ambient and most private setting. The Senses Spa offers guests a holistic base for exploring mental, spiritual and physical balance. Bold flavors and an enticing menu highlight the flavors of the lakeside and can be savored at Restaurant Al Tramonto and Osteria La Pergola all while enjoying panoramic views.

Nestled in tranquility but in close proximity to a plethora of nearby activities that include golfing, hiking, watersports and the towns of Verona and Milan (to name a few), Cape of Senses is the perfect escape for clients who want it all but at their own pace!

Insider Tips:

  • The natural hillside terrace overlooking Torri del Benaco is where you’ll find the Cape of Senses. It’s an enchanting place with a historic center surrounded by greenery. The blue of the lake and the gentle swaying of the boats on the water make it the perfect spot for peaceful contemplation.
  • Suites offer stunning views overlooking the lake.
  • Restaurant Al Tramonto’s menu boasts elegantly presented regional delicacies. With taste experiences that are sure to tantalize the senses while guests will rediscover forgotten flavor combinations at Osteria La Pergola, creating traditional Italian dishes.
  • Cape of Senses offers holistic wellness for the senses; an extensive spa area that is a powerful, sensorial place for mental, spiritual and physical balance.

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February 9, 2024


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