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Andean Lux, a family-owned and operated Peru DMC tailors exceptional experiences throughout Peru. With more than 20 years of luxury travel experience, the Andean Lux team is ready to showcase the country they call home with your clients. Home to one of the 7 wonders of the world and 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is much to explore in this this culturally and geographically fascinating country. From meandering through the vibrant city of Cusco, to following the trail of the hidden Inca stone paths of Machu Picchu, to kayaking in the Sacred Valley, to dining at the very best restaurants in Lima…the best way to experience Peru is to do so by way of this team of destination experts who are proud to live its magic daily.

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Insider Tips:

  • With a network of trusted industry partners, Andean Lux tailors to the “untapped” experiences. Hand-selected guides, 24 hour concierge. and tech-savvy travel management all make for a sensational and seamless journey.
  • Families can travel comfortably by way of select guides with experience with children and teenagers. Discover traditional places where the excitement and fun of skateboarding, biking, buggy rides, chocolate workshops, painting, and much more!
  • Foodies and those passionate about gastronomy will delight in curated unforgettable experiences at the tables of world-class chefs, as well as local restaurants. There is also the option to enjoy and try the mélange of flavors that Peruvian cuisine offers in a cooking class with an expert, an adventure that starts with a market visit where your senses will be heightened by the diverse range of products that grow in the complex Peruvian geography.


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October 5, 2023


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