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Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Rwanda

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Africa is pure magic, excitement, starry skies, contradictions, smells, sounds and silence. As wandering and respectful travelers of this red earth, we have learned how to love and protect it and everything related: animals, plants, customs and local cultures. African World Tour supports responsible touring and the environmental awareness. Our desire is to give to each client an opportunity to experience the endless landscapes, unforgettable sunsets and the deep and the unique emotions that is  “Africa”, as we live it. Our philosophy is to safely organize your visit, at the right time of the year, considering the extraordinary “natural diversities” in order to offer the most rewarding travelling experience possible. All the tours are personally tested by each one of our team members.

Insider Tips:

  • African World Tours can build tailored tours based on available time, period of year, travel interest, family, couple or solo, or with young children (aged between 5 and 12 years).
  • Fly Tours: This option offers the combination of flights or private flights plus car, allowing you to see as much as possible…sometimes the views are more spectacular if seen from above.
  • African World Tour supports responsible touring and environmental awareness.

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August 4, 2019


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